Meet the Local: Ferenc from Thirty Nine 10

This week we have our first male guest on Meet The Local, Ferenc from Thirty Nine 10 – a wine boutique on George Street. Ferenc is the house sommelier who regularly hosts wine tasting evenings but is also on hand to help guide you to the right wine every time. Why Thirty Nine 10? The wine shop is named after the postcode for Tokaj – Tokaji is Hungary’s most famous wine.


I don’t really have typical day… I can be in London tasting wines with winemakers in a restaurant at 10am or 1pm; or I can be doing exactly the same thing in my shop with winemakers like today with my French sommelier friend, Clemence and some Argentine winery reps from Buenos Aires.

The one thing do I love most about my job is… everything! I am one of those lucky few that I do my hobby for a living.

tasting tokaji aszus in puerto rico st regis bahia beahc resort with my friend Rey

I ended up working in my current job as… I was living in Trinidad and Tobago with my wife, who is originally from there, and applied for a job working for one of the oldest family run independent wine shipper – Fernandes Fine Wines. After falling ill I moved back to Hungary where I  did my wine diploma. I then started working for Winer Rack in Radlett but when it was bought by  Bargain Booze I was unable to stomach the name and attitude of the new company and looked for an opportunity to start my own wine boutique.

The best piece of advice I received was always listen to your gut feeling!

with Elizabeth Gabay Master of Wine

I have a lot of memorable memories… including introducing the Hungarian Akos Sarkozi Michelin starred chef to London or introducing my cousin’s wines in St Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico next to Moet and Bollinger. I also served the very same wine with my wife at her country’s, Trinidad and Tobago’s, 50th Independence Art and Culture Celebration. I’ve also got to taste wine with Egon Mueller, Yves Cuilleron, Guillaume Pire, but the most memorable work experience is having 4-8 people around the table in my shop every weekend tasting my wines.

My favourite…

Pub in St Albans: YI’m not generally a pub person, but I tend to go to Dylans as  I love their cooking and most of my mates hang out there.

Place to eat in St Albans: Dylans, the Loft, L’Italiana or Per Tutti. My wife is vegan, it is quite difficult to find a place to go locally with her so I tend to cook for ourselves.

Memory of St Albans: When I got into trouble with my ex-partner and lost my business the St Albans community stood by me and encouraged me together with my wife to start again. I will never forget that and the love and support really made me feel that this town is my home and I’m proud to be part of this amazing community. Thank you.


Place to have a coffee: George Street Canteen

Place to buy a present: Oh, I am terrible with presents, I usually take my loved ones to dine and wine.

So if you fancy a glass or a bottle of wine this weekend, then make sure to pop in to Thirty Nine 10 at 23 George Street! AND if you are chocolate fan then check our their chocolate and wine pairing on the 20th April here.

Remember to check back next Thursday to see who my next guest will be! I’d love to hear in the comments below which local you’d like to know more about.

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