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This Sunday we were catching up with our friends and their golden retriever puppy. My parents have nearly always had a dog so I’ve become pretty familiar with the dog friendly restaurants and pubs in St Albans, and thought Craft & Cleaver would be the perfect choice for a Sunday catch up. We love the bbq food and they have a new menu.




We were sat on a high table in the bar area which was pretty perfect, as Blake the puppy could sit underneath and chew on his toys whilst we decided what to eat and drink.



Craft & Cleaver do a fantastic array of cocktails, but I was being good so opted for their chargrilled lemonade. It give the drink a caramel flavour, which I personally liked.


Craft & Cleaver also have a great selection of beers, and if you truly love your beer than you should check out their 90-minute Beer Tasting sessions.  For £35 per  person, you get to try eight different beers which are accompanied with bite-size food.


The great thing about the food at Craft & Cleaver is that you really get a true BBQ flavour, as the food is smoked onsite. We ordered a complete feast for us all – burgers, pulled pork, fish tacos and the texan ranch salad as well as a great collection of sides.

Our bride-to-be ordered the Texan Ranch Salad with halloumi nuggets with some 50/50 fries – a mix of normal fries and sweet potato fries.


When we were living in London we quite often went to Bodeans and Cattlegrid as I absolutely love pulled pork! So no surprise that I ordered the Boston butt pulled pork with apple sauce, which came with a side of 50/50 fries and mac ‘n’ cheese. I was definitely not left disappointed – the mac ‘n’ cheese was heavenly and the pulled pork was amazing.


My husband is a burger lover and with seven different burgers to pick from, he had plenty of choice and went for the Hogtimus Prime burger. The photo below doesn’t actually do the burger justice which was filled with pulled pork, shredded rib meat as well as a mac ‘n’ cheese patty!


The final main course was the fish tacos which is a grilled flour tortilla filled with lots of amazing ingredients. – fried white fish, pineapple, cucumber and chill salsa, avocado, feta and ranch dressing.


By the time we were eating our mains, Blake was fast asleep cuddling an umbrella. So we decided to take a look at the pudding menu.


There was no contest when it came to pudding, we all wanted to try the Death by Sundae. At £10, it is definitely a sharing dessert and with four spoons ready we began to dig in. There’s triple chocolate brownie, salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, oreos, maltesers, whipped cream, fudge sauce and hundreds and thousands to finish it off! It was the perfect end to a yummy Sunday feast.



Craft & Clever is a fab place to hang out whether it is for lunch or cocktails. They’ve got an array of boardgames to keep yourselves entertained on a rainy day too.



Have you been to Craft & Cleaver? What’s your favourite dish?

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