St Albans Vegan Market

The St Albans Vegan Market was held today on St Peter's Street. They had everything from vegan food to luxury vegan cosmetics. Considering it was a rather grey day, town was absolutely buzzing with excitement. There were large queues forming at the food stalls as everyone was keen to try something new.

The event was sponsored by the wonderful Tara from Vegan Treats, by the time I arrived she had sold out of absolutely everything apart from her sweet treats. If you didn't get to try her vegan delights then you can find her at the St Albans Market on Wednesday and Saturday.

We arrived just before 2pm and couldn’t quite believe how popular the market was. It just goes to show that whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or a huge foodie like myself the market appeals to everyone. There was an incredible array of burgers from Veg Head’s Pro Green Burger to The Green Grill’s Red Devil.

There were also vegan cosmetics including products made from avocado. There were stalls from Greener Beauty, Handmade In Harpenden, Avocadeau Ltd and Bamboofeet. Lush St Albans were also showcasing all of their vegan products. It’s great to see such a well known brand taking part.

From caramel cake to chocolate orange pots, there was a wonderful selection of treats for those with a sweet tooth. The energy balls from CakeMeHappyyy were disappearing before our eyes. I’ll definitely make sure I arrive much earlier next time so I can try out everything… well as much as possible! 

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